Texim is a vertically integrated knitwear production facility. That means our production flow is sustainable and durable. With more than 10.000 square meters of manufacturing space and 800 staff, we produce 2,4 million pieces of quality products annually.
We believe that goals can only be achieved by a team of professionals with enthusiasm and business discipline at the same time. And mastered processes can only be sustained by a high know-how level. This is why in Texim we give great importance to process improvement and training of our operators on a continuous basis. While our engineering team runs an efficient production on the field, quality monitoring team ensures sustainable quality in each and every step of manufacturing.
Besides technical know-how for a tailored outcome, we rely also on latest technologies. All our facilities are fitted with modern machinery and equipment that enable us to produce latest industry trends with competitive costs. And our SAP-based production planning and monitoring systems ensure accurate delivery performance and effective quality monitoring.
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